A lot has been going on at PSU over the past year and
we have some exciting news to share. On Nov 15th 2011 Sherri
will become the new business owner of Pet Solutions Unlimited. We have
been discussing it for awhile and the time is right for both of us to make
this change. We hope the transition will be smooth as not many changes will
be made, since she has been running it primarily since my move to Indiana.
Although I am saddened and will miss you all, as many of you have become
family over the years, I am extremely happy knowing that all of your kids
will be very well cared for in Sherri's hands. I could not have kept the
business going all this time without her. As always when I am in town I will
try and schedule park time see everyone and Sherri will keep me up to date
on all the kids. Thank you for letting me into your homes, making me a part
of your family and helping  PSU become all  that it is.
Here at PSU we are constantly looking to improve
and add to clients services and dogs relationships. Our belief
is that
exercise  is crucial for your dogs health, regular exercise can reduce
abnormal/unwanted behaviors and make it easier to train and you more
successful in training.
The more successful you are the better life you and
your pets will have together and in return the more successful I am.
So with that said PSU would like you to welcome
Annette and Jaeme
to the staff, he will be doing regular weekly dog walking and exercising and
daily visits.
If you would like to be added to the schedule feel free to
contact me for availability and pricing. If you know a neighbor that would
like to have your dogs walked together ask me about discounted pricing.
Email PSU
(805) 444-1641
Pets Solutions Unlimited is committed to providing Ventura County with professional assistance with all of
your pet needs. For pet sitting, care and handling techniques or help with training your pet, do not hesitate
to give us a call or email us with any questions you may have. No ? is a dumb ? at PSU.
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